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Allay, the Queen’s Shadow

There have long been rumors of a secret bodyguard and assassin that stalks the queen’s footsteps, ready to strike at any threat. Normally I would scoff at such unsubstantiated paranoia, but I have seen the Queen’s Shadow at work. Years ago, I was part of Lady Anara’s entourage into the Banewood, when we still believed there could be peace between Atlantis and the Centaurs. The trip was uneventful until the road opened up into a small clearing surrounded by densely populated trees. In an instant, they were upon us. I saw many of Drago’s men fall before they could even draw their blades, crushed under the mighty hooves of Goreth’s war riders. One of the centaurs charged at the queen, and though I intended to push her aside, my misplaced heroics were not needed. The centaur never reached Lady Anara. As the beast fell with a mighty thud, I caught a glimpse of a fae woman, a trow if I’m not mistaken, pulling her polished blade from his back. I did not see the elf again, but her handiwork was undeniable. The queen’s knights did not concern themselves with how the victory was won, but I am certain more than half of the ambushing centaurs were slain from behind.