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Blip and Blaine

Blip and Blaine

Blip and his apparently unenthusiastic compatriot Blaine have made maintaining control of our outlying defenses problematic to say the least. I won’t pretend to know the history of how an anthropomorphic warthog became the mount of a small goblin and his paradoxically large cannon, but I cannot deny the effectiveness of the partnership. Our intelligence of the two before the invasion of Atlantis is sparse, unfortunately, meaning either they are a recent addition to the cause or they simply led campaigns too remote to be part of our reconnaissance. I find it hard to believe even the daftest of Drago’s spies would overlook such an unusual and effective pairing. When the forces of Chaos first made landfall, it was Blip’s cannon that laid waste to our outer defenses and Blaine’s speed that made the duo impossible to retaliate against. To make matters worse, I am left to wonder if Blip aims his cannon at all as I am finding it increasingly difficult to believe he can see anything beyond the inside of his ridiculous steel hat. In any case, If we do not adapt to this new threat, I fear Blip and Blaine will be firing upon the palace within the week.