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Drago the Knight

The greatest hero Atlantis has ever known, Drago is both general of the queen’s army and a good friend. Drago was the first to come to the defense of Atlantis when the vanguard of Chaos arrived. He directed the cannon shots that sunk dozens of ships before they made landfall and lead the charge as soon as the first of their soldiers reached the sand. Drago was also the last to leave the fray when the Royal Guard was forced to retreat, defending his men’s flank as they fled to safety. This is not a fight Drago asked for, in fact he sided with the council’s decision that Atlantis not intervene on the world’s behalf. That decision does not tarnish my opinion of him, however, as I know he did so with a heavy heart and the safety of queen and country ever on his mind. Drago has the will to fight the armies of Chaos until death, but I know he fears that will not be enough. He does not bring that doubt to the battlefield, however, nor does he share it with his men. To them, he is the finest blade they have ever seen, and the one reason they and Atlantis will see the other side of this apocalypse. I pray they are right.