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  • Kril’iock

    Kril’iock was a unique result of magical experimentation during a dark time in Atlantean history. Unlike his colleague, Turtleback,

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  • Drago the Knight

    The greatest hero Atlantis has ever known, Drago is both general of the queen’s army and a

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  • Blip and Blaine

    Blip and his apparently unenthusiastic compatriot Blaine have made maintaining control of our outlying defenses problematic to

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Eli Ironsmith

Eli Ironsmith

Throughout history, the Ironsmiths have been on the forefront of innovation. As their surname suggests, they first made their mark as blacksmiths, creating the sturdiest armor and the finest blades in all of Atlantis. Having mastered their craft, the family moved on to engineering, using their smithies to create thousands of gears and gizmos. From massive siege engines to clocks that run on water, no project was too big or too small for the intrepid members of the Ironsmith family. Eli, fifth son of the current generation, has become one of the most successful inventors in all of Atlantis. He has spent the money he has earned from the sale of his various contraptions to fund his real passion: controlling the weather. From an early age, Eli has been obsessed with wind, snow and above all, thunderstorms. One cannot hold a conversation with the man without it somehow devolving into a discussion about rain. Magic has forever been out of the reach of the Ironsmiths, but even the most powerful sorcerers of the kingdom do not have the command over lightning that Eli has. His inventions do not just generate electric charges, however, as he can call down massive bolts from the sky in a display so impressive even I am uncertain how it is accomplished.