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emo Wart

2 years 2 months ago #18

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2 years 1 month ago #95

As for some players Wart doesn't feel like a real assassin and there already was a lot of discussion on Kickstarter comments, it would be great to discuss it here. So i will just copy paste those statements from the Kickstarter page first:

Ive got a new version of wart im hoping to try soon. Ive reduced blink and retreat to 2 mana and replaced his blind with a renamed turtleback quills
Chiky Scares You:
Ability 1: Blink Strike
Same ability as Blink, but if it ends its movement adyacent to an enemy Hero it can make an attack with it's signature weapon.
Mana Cost 4

Ability 2: Flash Bomb: this one is ok, so i'll keep it the same

Ability 3: Defense ability:
If Wart takes damage and survives, Attacker takes 2 damage, then place him in a filed in the same lane one space further than the attacker's range, closer to the friendly tower
Mana Cost 3
blink and retreat are fine as they are for an assasin, blink in then rereat back to tower when hit, very hit and run assasin, he just needs that finisher move to make him work well

So all in all this is also what i miss most on wart: an assassin-like finisher mover like the one turtleback has (what i dont understand, cause turtlback is a tank...)

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2 years 1 month ago #122

I still think Wart's retreat skill is a bit costly considering it has 0 damage reduction but we will have to wait and see how he does with the new changes. I definately disagree with him getting a health reduction. out of all the assasins hes the one who needs health the most

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