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Kril’iock was a unique result of magical experimentation during a dark time in Atlantean history. Unlike his colleague, Turtleback, Kril’iock believed Atlantis could be a home for his people. Kril’iock’s faith in the council and trust of the queen earned him a wealth of respect in certain political circles. In fact, it is his leadership that was instrumental in the integration of animalkin in Atlantean society. At Kril’iock’s suggestion, the queen ordered construction of a new district in the capital for his brethren and Kril’iock has served as head councilman for it ever since. He often acts as a private advisor to the queen in matters concerning animalkin and occasionally other issues entirely. He has shown an exceptional aptitude for magic and has taken to teaching weekly courses at the university on alchemy and energy transference. Despite being the product of human self-indulgence and spending the first few years of his life as a test subject, it was Kril’iock who championed the cause of saving humanity from the relentless armies of Chaos. His stance earned him little but my own admiration, but he stood on the floor nonetheless, speaking for hours in defense of people he had never met from a species who had inflicted so much harm upon him and his clan.