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  • Drago the Knight

    The greatest hero Atlantis has ever known, Drago is both general of the queen’s army and a

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  • Turtleback

    The anthropomorphic reptile, Turtleback, is a reminder of some of the darkest days of Atlantean history. Decades after we

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  • Kril’iock

    Kril’iock was a unique result of magical experimentation during a dark time in Atlantean history. Unlike his colleague, Turtleback,

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The creature known as Medusa has lived on the island of Atlantis far longer than we have. Residing in the catacomb-like volcanic rock caves near our northeastern shores, she has shown little interest in diplomacy or trade of any kind. On the contrary, most of our encounters with Medusa have proven quite deadly; with those not turned to solid stone by her magic find themselves instead perforated by multiple arrows. Our knowledge of her is sparse despite her close proximity and I’m saddened to say I can’t even be certain her name is actually Medusa. She certainly shares similar traits to the gorgon of Grecian myth, and its possible traders or explorers of antiquity could have sailed as far as Atlantis and encountered her. The tendrils crowning Medusa’s head could easily have been mistaken for a head full of snakes, especially if she was viewed by the Greeks purely over their shoulders while fleeing in terror. I can say that her gaze does not always turn one to stone, as a more recent encounter has proven. Regardless, the most important fact I have yet to gleam about Medusa is the same for all of Atlantis’ more reclusive residents: will she fight alongside the armies of Chaos or against them?