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The earliest reports of our scouts and spies described the tall tale of a small demon commanding a walking tree. His deeds too many to discount, Thrasher has become a regular source of frustration since his arrival on the shores of Atlantis. I have seen the monstrosity with my own eyes, albeit from a distance, as he emerged from the Ignar Forest and eviscerated a herd of cattle. It’s unclear if this was a calculated attempt at weakening our food supply or if the creature was simply bored. He appears to be making use of old magic, or such magic was provided for him, as I am not aware of a confirmed sighting of a golem since before Atlantis hid itself from the world. It was difficult to be sure, but I don’t believe the wood of Thrasher’s “mount” is from Atlantis or any continent I am aware of. It lends credence to the theory that though the forces of Chaos emerged from the earth, they did not come from Earth. Like the other champions Chaos has at its side, I’m curious if Thrasher’s loyalty could simply be purchased with a few shiny baubles from the queen’s treasury. In any case, I fear I will hear his manic cackling again when I close my eyes tonight.