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The anthropomorphic reptile, Turtleback, is a reminder of some of the darkest days of Atlantean history. Decades after we shrouded ourselves from the world, a new age of magical innovation began. Many of our greatest mystic achievements occurred during that time, but also our most dangerous. A small group of sorcerers began experimenting, in secret, with the transmutation of animals. The cult was eventually exposed, but far too late. They managed to create thousands of sentient beings before their capture and execution. This left the queen and the council with the unenviable task of deciding the fate of an entirely new species. Turtleback, one of the cult’s first successful creations, was a leader of sorts for this cadre of intelligent beasts. He did not take kindly to the lives of his people being weighed by a room full of bureaucrats.  He led dozens his brethren on an assault of the palace, reaching as far as the queen’s bedchamber before they were finally stopped. The queen showed restraint that day and choose to banish Turtleback. He and around 700 of his clan disappeared into the Banewood and have had little contact with Atlantis since. The queen’s mercy was not lost on the remainder of animalkin and after several missteps on both sides they were eventually integrated into Atlantean society.