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If I had been told months ago I would read reports of an anthropomorphic pig assassin, I would not have believed a word. The world has gone insane, however, and only in a time of madness can a creature such as Wart exist. Presumably the result of genetic or magical experimentation not unlike our own in centuries past, Wart is both man and warthog. He is small in stature, but swift and precise with his blades. He also possesses a unique array of powders and perhaps magical items affording him considerable range of movement across the battlefield. Our army has already engaged Wart twice since the invasion and each time we might have overwhelmed him, he escaped in a puff of smoke. To the eternal frustration of Drago, we are left with our dead while the creature returns to strike again later after he has licked his wounds. It leaves our forces with the unenviable task of trying to surprise an assassin in the hopes we may end him quickly before he is able to disappear again. In addition, Wart’s apparent teleportation abilities have caused the Royal Guard to be on high alert for fear he may be able to strike at the queen within the palace.